Bulging Discs, also known as herniated discs, are caused by an increase in compression to the spinal nerve. For better understanding, we have to learn about the basic structure of the intervertebral disc.
The intervertebral disc has two parts that are an outer shell and inner shell. The outer shell is made of fibrous cartilage and the inner shell is made of jelly-like material known as nucleus pulposus. When the structure of the intervertebral disc is damaged then you suffer from the bulging disc. Today in this article you will read all about bulging disc and its treatment. I will also tell you about CBD which is a naturally occurring chemical compound found in the hemp plants. So let’s begin.

More About Bulging Disc

It is most common in the elderly and people whose work involves moving heavy objects. In this condition, the outer shell becomes weak or get damaged which can deform the disc. Deformation leads to pain which is like pinching or pins and needles. Let me tell you one thing, bulging disc, and the herniated disc are similar but there is some difference in both of them. In herniated disc damage is caused to the inner structure of the intervertebral disc and in a bulging disc damaged is caused to the outer layer of structure which leads to deformation of the disc.
When you are suffering from a bulging disc then you will suffer from back pain. In most of the cases when you are suffering spine problem then you have increased chances of having a bulging disc or herniated disc. It is very important to give proper care and treatment in this condition else you will suffer from life-long back problems.

What Are The Symptoms Of Bulging Disc

The most common symptom of the bulging disc is pinching pain. In most of the cases, you will suffer from abnormal pain and pressure in the lower back. In the severe case, you will suffer from a lack of motion or paralysis. Below there are some common symptoms related to the bulging disc.

  • You will suffer from pain, numbness, burning & tingling sensation, and weakness in the lumbar spine.
  • Pain, tingling sensation, burning sensation in your hand and feet.
  • Pain which increases with every movement.
  • Difficulty in walking, sitting, and standing
  • Paralysis.

Causes For Bulging Disc

There can be different reasons for the bulging disc, here you will read all about them.

Age-Related Cause

Age is the most common cause for the bulging disc. With the time natural chemical changes lead to loss of moisture from the discs which weakens the outer structure of the intervertebral disc. With age, you may also lose disc Cushing and structural integrity of the spine.


The other main cause of the bulging disc is bad posture. While sitting or lifting any object your back muscles are the most used which can deform your muscle structure. Always maintain the right sitting and lifting posture to prevent yourself from injury.

Traumatic Injury

A sudden blow to the spine or any traumatic injury can also cause bulging disc. Any sports injury such as football, basketball, or baseball can also develop bulging disc.

Genetic Inheritance

Some people are born with weak spine structure and when they get old they have more chances of the bulging disc.

CBD An Effective Alternative For Bulging Disc

As we get old out bone structure gets weak which lead to different medical conditions. There are different medications which can help you in having a healthy bone structure but they lead to side-effects. CBD is the natural chemical compound which is emerging as a potential alternative for treating different medical condition including bulging disc. CBD is obtained from the flowers of the hemp plant in different forms such as isolate, oil, wax, and tincture. CBD is well known for its therapeutic properties such as anti-pain, anti-viral, anti-inflammation, and antibacterial. When you are suffering from the bulging disc then you can use CBD to reduce to pain and inflammation.

Final Thoughts

When you are suffering from pain and inflammation then CBD is the best natural alternatives.

In this article, you will get all the information related to the CBD and Bulging disc. If you have any question related to CBD then feel free to get in touch with us.


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