Tonsillitis is an inflammatory condition of the tonsils. For better understanding, let’s know more about tonsils. Tonsils are lymph nodes which are located on the back of your throat. Their main function is to prevent your body from different infections. Tonsils block the path of harmful bacteria and viruses.

Tonsillitis can affect anyone at any age but it is more common in children. This condition is very contagious which is usually caused by Streptococcal Bacteria. Need not to worry about tonsillitis as it is easily diagnosed and can be treated in 7 to 10 days. Today in this article, I will tell you everything related to Tonsillitis and you will also read about treatment option related to tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis: Causes & Symptoms

CBD In Tonsillitis
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Tonsils are like a first-line defense system in the human body. One of the main functions of tonsils is to produce white blood cells which fight against infection. Tonsillitis is caused by a virus infection such as cold and bacterial infection like strep throat. According to a study of the American Academy of Family Physicians around 30% of cases of Tonsillitis are caused by a bacterial infection. Children who are going to playschool and school are exposing themselves to different bacteria and virus because of which they have more chances of developing Tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis: Symptoms

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The common symptoms start with pain in the throat, below you will find some more symptoms related to Tonsillitis.

  1. Sore Throat
  2. Painful swallowing and difficulty in swallowing
  3. Scratchy voice
  4. Fever and chills
  5. Pain in Ear
  6. Stiff neck
  7. Swollen lymph nodes
  8. Bad breath

CBD and role of CBD in Tonsillitis

CBD is one of the chemical compounds which are found in the flowers of the hemp plant. For extracting CBD different methods are used such as CO2 extraction, Dry Ice extraction, Olive oil extraction, and Ethanol extraction method. The extracted CBD is rich in quality has no strain of THC which makes it completely non-psychoactive in nature. CBD is extracted in different forms such as Oil, Tincture, Wax, and Isolate. The magical thing about CBD is that it is rich in different therapeutic properties which makes it useful for treating a different medical condition.

CBD is rich in the anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory property which helps clogged sinus to open up by which breathing becomes easy. Due to the antibacterial property, it fights with different bacteria to prevent tonsils.

Working of CBD

Our body has an Endocannabinoid System and CB1 & CB2 receptors which are found in different organs and brain cells. CB1 receptors are mostly found in the central nervous system and CB2 receptors in the immune system. The main function of the CB1 receptor is to maintain the homeostasis of the body. CB1 receptors also stimulate pain, hunger, memory, and anxiety. CB2 receptor binds with the immune system because of which it boosts the healing process and reduces the level of pain.

Home Remedies for Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is a viral and bacterial infection which requires antibiotics and proper care. Some of the home remedies can be very helpful in reducing the symptoms of Tonsillitis.


Gargling with warm water can help to ease your sore throat. Gargling also reduces the pain and inflammation which is caused by tonsillitis. For gargling, you add a pinch of salt in warm water, swish the water in your mouth for a few minutes then spit it out.

Licorice Lozenges

Lozenges keep your throat smooth because they have anti-inflammatory properties. They also reduce the pain and swelling caused by tonsillitis.

Drink warm tea with honey

Warm beverages like tea with honey will reduce the discomfort and pain caused by tonsillitis. Honey has the number of medical properties which makes it beneficial for Tonsillitis.


Using CBD infused wax and E-juice in vape pen can help to open up the blocked nasal passage. Vaping is the quickest way to get relief from any medical condition.

Final words on CBD In Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is a very common condition which affects. Small children are more prone to tonsillitis. If you ever feel like given symptoms then consult the doctor for treatment. When you are not satisfied with the medications then you can use CBD or Cannabidiol to reduce the symptoms of Tonsillitis.

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