Hip Subluxation is very much similar to Hip dislocation. In Subluxation head of the femur slides back within the hip joint after sliding out. Basically, it is damage to the structure of the hip joint which includes capsule, muscles, and ligaments. The muscles and ligaments are stretched in subluxation because of which dislocation stays. In a Hip dislocation, the damage is done to the structure of the hip joint which includes ball and socket. Injury in Hip Dislocation includes fracture, tear of ligaments, cartilage damage and blood vessel damage.

Hip Subluxation and Dislocation is a very painful condition in which you will see swelling. You will feel difficulty in performing different physical activities. There are different medication and treatment options available for Hip SUbluxation and Dislocation. If you are not satisfied with the medication then you can use CBD as an alternative to reduce the symptoms of Subluxation and Dislocation. In this article, you will read more about symptoms and treatment related to Subluxation and Dislocation. I will also tell you about the role of CBD in this medical condition.

Common symptoms of Hip Subluxation & Dislocation

CBD In Hip Subluxation and Dislocation
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  1. Severe pain in the hip area
  2. Swelling and tenderness
  3. Limited hip movement
  4. Sharp and aching pain while walking, sitting, standing and running
  5. Popping sensation

All about CBD

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CBD is one of the chemical compounds which are found in the Hemp plant. The CBD chemical compound is found in the tiny and small hair of the flowers of the hemp plant. CBD is extracted through different processes such as Olive Oil Extraction, CO2 Extraction, Dry Ice Extraction, and Ethanol Extraction method. CBD is extracted in different forms like Isolate, Tincture, Oil, Wax, Powder, and E-Juice. The best thing about CBD is that it is completely non-psychoactive in nature, which means CBD can’t get you high.

Our body has an Endocannabinoid System (ECS) and CB1 & CB2 receptors. The main function of ECS is to regulate mood, thoughts, hunger, and immune system. When you consume CBD it interacts with ECS and it helps you to get the benefits of CBD.

Role of CBD in Hip Subluxation & Dislocation

In Subluxation and Dislocation, you will suffer from severe pain and stiffness. Use of CBD reduces pain and inflammation. It also helps in relaxing muscles and it also increases the healing process. CBD Pain Management Balm from ThoughtCloud is very effective to reduce the symptoms of Hip Subluxation and Dislocation.

Home remedies for Hip Subluxation & Dislocation

Apply heat and ice

Using an ice pack and heat pads over the affected area will reduce the pain and swelling. If you use the ice pack and heat pads twice a day it will also boost the healing process.


Stop the physical activities that involve the movement of the hip, it will reduce the chance of any further injury.

Use CBD Oil

You can use CBD oil in your food and drinks to gain the benefits, you can also consume it orally just by dropping a few drops of it under your tongue.

Other benefits of CBD Oil

It’s All Natural

CBD is a completely natural compound with no strain of THC, that’s why CBD oil is completely natural. CBD oil comes in different natural flavors which you can use it in different drinks and shakes.

Fights with Anxiety and Depression

Nowadays depression and anxiety is the most common problem of people. Medications can lead you to different side effects that’s why CBD is the best alternative to fight with depression and anxiety. Using CBD oil will help in revealing different mood-related issues.

Fights with Insomnia

CBD is sedative in nature which helps you to improve your sleep. To fight with insomnia you can use CBD oil or CBD infused juice in a vape pen.

Final conclusion On CBD In Hip Subluxation and Dislocation

Subluxation and Dislocation can be a very painful condition if proper medical treatment is not given in time. When you are not satisfied with medication then you can use CBD as an alternative for this medical condition. In many cases, CBD has shown a positive effect in reducing the symptoms of subluxation and dislocation.

I hope I have covered all the essential information related to CBD and its role in Hip Subluxation and Dislocation. If you have any other treatment option then feel free to comment in the below section.

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