CBD has become almost synonymous with the treatment of bone disease as this plant compound is recognized for its bone growth stimulating attributes. From bone healing to slowing down of bone degeneration, CBD has been the mainstay in treating arthritis pain management and osteoporosis. With no standard therapies available, CBD has been helping patients who experiment with the CBD infused tinctures, balms, and oils. As CBD works upon the receptors of the endocannabinoid system which helps in the growth, preservation, and fortification of bones. Moreover, CBD can be beneficial in healing bone fractures and in conditions such as Avascular necrosis where the blood supply to the bone is severed.

What Avascular Necrosis Means

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The disease avascular necrosis arises from the temporary or permanent absence of blood supply to the bone. In the absence of blood supply, the bone tissue dies and the bone degenerates. When avascular necrosis occurs close to a joint, the joint surface may fall off.

This condition may occur in any bone. It most popularly takes place at the ends of a long bone. It may impact a single bone, different bones at one time, or different bones at different times. Avascular necrosis may result from a local injury or trauma, side effects of drug, or disease.

The hip, or pelvic girdle, is the joint most commonly impacted by avascular necrosis.

Avascular necrosis is also termed as aseptic necrosis and osteonecrosis.

Causes Of Avascular Necrosis

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Avascular necrosis may result from:

  • Injury
  • Damage to blood vessels
  • Broken bone or fracture
  • Excessive and prolonged use of alcohol
  • Prolonged use of medicines like corticosteroids
  • Risk factors like cigarette smoking, chemotherapy, and pregnancy
  • Various diseases such as bone marrow and blood diseases, underwater diver’s disease, systemic lupus erythematosus, vasculitis, diabetes mellitus, and inflammatory bowel disease

Symptoms Of Avascular Necrosis

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Pain in the joint which is affected is generally the initial symptom of avascular necrosis. As the lower extremity gets impaired, it can result in a limp while walking. In case the hip gets affected, groin pain becomes regular, especially while taking a walk.
The symptoms of avascular necrosis vary slightly in every person. Symptoms may comprise:

  • Minor initial joint pain
  • Restricted range of motion due to pain
  • Joint pain worsens as bone and joint begins to collapse

Avascular necrosis symptoms may resemble different health conditions of bone problems. Consider your healthcare provider for a diagnosis.

Role Of CBD In Healing Avascular Necrosis

CBD heals bone fracture and avoiding injuries like broken bones and joints dislocation can reduce the danger of trauma-related avascular necrosis. By reducing bone pain and enhancing bone health CBD can help in avascular necrosis in the following ways:

CBD Has Strong Analgesic Effects

Your body normally creates endogenous cannabinoids which are known as endocannabinoids which help to modulate pain, sleep, hormonal levels, responses of the immune system, appetite, besides a host of other functions. What CBD does is that it impacts your body to utilize these endocannabinoids in a beneficial way.

Studies have disclosed the capacity of CBD to interact with the immune system and the brain receptors. Such receptors receive a series of chemical signals from impulses and assist the remaining cells to react to these signals. When the receptors interact with CBD, they develop anti-inflammatory attributes that subside the pain.

As CBD communicates with your brain receptors, it bolsters your pain management mechanism. This indicates that inflammation diminishes and the source of the pain gets reduced. This can help to decrease bone pain and boost function in patients suffering from avascular necrosis.

Enhances Collagen Tissues

CBD contains collagen, a protein that functions similar to glue, which helps to protect and attach bones together and promotes tissue repair. This phytocannabinoid builds collagen tissues that are integral to skeletal restoration.

Accelerate The Healing Of Fractures

Studies have disclosed that CBD restores broken bones and fractures by triggering an essential enzyme called Lysyl Hydroxylase that influences directly the process of bone healing. These enzymes also exist in bone-growth cells known as osteoblasts. Through such stimulation, osteoblast cells assist in accelerating the healing process and produces collagen cells to generate strong, and robust bones.

Paces Up Callus Development

Studies have presented that intake of CBD aids in building calluses that are significant for healing bones which it does by forming a “bridge” on the fracture which augments healing.

Acts As A Powerful Vasodilator

The vasodilatory effect of CBD promotes blood pressure that is positive for health and augments blood flow. Besides, this cannabinoid also raises the level of blood thinner coumadin in your blood so as to accentuate the blood flow. This helps in mitigating avascular necrosis as the blood supply to the bones can be revived so as to prevent the death of bone tissues and collapse of the bone.

Conclusion On CBD For Avascular Necrosis

Bone deterioration and loss of bone density can be restored by using CBD as it is a well-recognized bone stimulant. Besides, this medicinal compound can improve the functionality of the damaged bone or joint, trigger bone growth and fortifies the tissues that link broken bones which makes it a much sought after cannabinoid to treat bone ailments like avascular necrosis making it a novel treatment.

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