Hydropathy or water cure exists since the mid-nineteenth century. It is the treatment of illness, pain relief or treatment through the use of water. A part of alternative medicine, water cure is a mixture of naturopathy, occupational therapy, and physiotherapy. Hence, not only for cleanliness but bathing is also known to be effective for therapeutic purposes, as it stimulates blood circulation and helps you to treat certain diseases when combined with certain health and wellness products. Therefore, the power of a bath can and must never be ignored.

Ways To Make Bath Time Even More Fun

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However, bathing like most other things becomes boring if it remains the same on a daily basis. Hence, to add a twist to your bathing routine and make bath time even more fun, here are five simple techniques that would not only help you to stay clean but also help you to be healthier. Take a look

Bath Temperature

Setting the temperature of the water in your tub right is one of the first things that need to be kept in mind before taking a bath. The most ideal water temperature is 92℉. This temperature is considered best for relaxation. Remember to test the water using your wrist (not your hand) and be ready to get refreshed and relaxed with warm water.

Use a Cool Waterproof Bath Pillow

Enjoy spa-like facilities at your home with cool waterproof bath pillows that are non-slippery and make you relaxed by supporting your head and neck. What’s better is that you can go for anti-mold support bath pillows that are best if you fancy taking longer baths.

CBD Bath Bombs

cbd bathFull Spectrum CBD Bath Bombs

The water and the pillow are ready. So, the only thing that remains now is creating a heavenly aroma. The best way to infuse this aroma in your bathroom is to use ThoughtCloud’s Full Spectrum CBD Bath Bombs that comes in aromatic scents like Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint And Sweet Orange. Moreover, it readily mixes with water and provides relaxing effects on your body due to the anti-inflammation properties of CBD.

Music and Candles

The last two things to make your bath time even more perfect before you sink into your bathtub are music and candles. The music hits your soul like nothing else. Hence, a waterproof speaker is vital for every bathroom and with candles lit around your tub, a special playlist for this occasion that contains relaxing songs like Norah Jones’ Come Away With Me is the perfect way to start the proceedings. Moreover, if you are afraid of keeping the real candles, you can also go for LED candles for the same effect. Sounds perfect, ain’t it?

After Bath Ritualscbd bath

The things mentioned above are sure to make even people who suffer from ablutophobia fall in love with bathing. However, this is not all and the cozy vibes don’t stop when you step out of the tub as we have got arrangements to extend your pleasant bathing experience to an even more pleasing after bath experience. Moreover, you do not need to do anything more after the bath and follow just two simple steps.

Wrap Yourself In A Classic Comfy Bathrobe

When you are all relaxed and ready to move out from one heavenly experience to another, get yourself wrapped in a glorious cotton robe that makes you feel warm and comfortable. Remember, nothing will jolt you out of a zen state than the feeling of going from a luxe bath to a threadbare robe. Especially since the winters are coming, luxury bathrobes are the first thing that you want to jump into after a bath so heavenly.

Gentle Massage

Now that you are all dried up and the relaxation quotient is about to get low, here’s another remedy that brings back the satisfaction and that is a gentle massage. For the most relaxing massages, we would recommend you to go with CBD as it comes in many forms and brings instant relief to your mind and body. You can use high-quality CBD products in the form of tinctures, massage oils, lotions or creams. The best thing about CBD products is that they will not get you high and at the same time decrease pain, inflammation, and make you more relaxed.

What’s The Wait For?

So, wait no more and go immerse in that tub which has been waiting for you and takes the best bath of your life. Be more relaxed, stress-free and pain-free now with the most peaceful bathing techniques and emerge happier than ever from your bathtub after every bath. Share your experiences with us in the comments section and tell us what else can be done to make our bath time even more fun, relaxing and productive. Hope this article is helpful to you.

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